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Techno music is a unique music genre. Techno is created by adding or mixing electronic sound tracks into a steady beat track. You can create your own techno music with mixing software that is readily available on the Internet.

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Techno music is dance club music. It’s beat and repetition is designed to get the heart pumping and the body moving. Techno is said to have been created in Detroit Michigan in the mid to late 1980s but it’s roots go back to the late 1960s and 70s disco dance music.

The term “disco” became unpopular and club owners found other names for their club dance music. Some common names for this genre are: House music, Dance Music, Dance Pop, Nu-Disco, HI-NRG, Italo Disco, Eurodisco, disco funk, beat music, trance music, electronic dance music and Latin freestyle music.

If there is a difference between Disco and Techno music it is in the use of electronic sound tracks and the remix of repetitive rock licks that are more prevalent in Techno music.

Both Disco and Techno music are based upon a 4/4 115 to 135 beats per minute music style that includes a repetitive beat played throughout the piece. There are certainly distinctions between Disco and Techno but those differences are slight compared to their similarities.

The fact that you can make your own techno music is one of the most interesting aspects of this kind of music because it is created electronically by mixing sounds with an underlying beat. Most techno pieces start out with a simple beat and it is not unusual for the first measure or two to be just the beat. Techno adds more and more tracks to the underlying beat to create unique music tracks that are fun to dance to and match the human body rhythm to get people up and moving to the beat.

The matching of the natural human rhythm to the techno beat is why techno music is sometimes called trance music. Dancers can lose themselves in the beat of techno music and allow their body to literally vibrate in sync to the techno beat causing a kind of euphoria on the dance floor.

Even when disco became unpopular in the US, in Europe the music took on a life of it’s own with the influence of German electronica which became popular in the 1980s and 1990s and is still popular in Europe today. The Techno genre is gaining in popularity in the US and around the world today.

You can be a part of this scene even if you are not a musician. You can make your own techno music my mixing techno beats with various electronic sound tracks that you can create yourself or purchase on the web.

Creating techno music is a really fun hobby and allows you to explore your creative side and at the same time test your technical ability to run a simple mixer and create your own unique electronic sound tracks. There are many software options, which we will be reviewing in future posts, and many sources for free and premium tracks that you can add to your mix.

We will be posting many software reviews and listing many unique tracks you can obtain on this website in the near future.

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